Outages Log

The current status of the PI Dashboard is posted at the top of the FAQ page.

  • Until April 24, 2016 -- PI Dashboard reflects transactions through the prior Friday The PI Dashboard uses a copy of the KDW datamart hosted in the Amazon cloud that is updated once a week on Sundays. We plan to use a nightly loaded datamart once it is stable.
  • February 8, 2016 -- Labor detail not available A permissions error in the KDW datamart caused data in the labor detail panel to be unavailable. A fix was put in place by 5:30 pm on Monday the 8th.
    Approximately 17 users were affected, as well as two demonstrations (For the RA Certification Program class and the Department of Human Development faculty).
  • February 2-7, 2016 -- Transactions showing for one more day (Monday) than the balances and summaries (Friday) In response to the February 1 issue, CIT reloaded transactions on Tuesday morning. The summaries and balances reflected transactions through the prior Friday, but the transactions page showed transactions through Monday.
    45 users were affected.
  • February 1, 2016 -- Balances and category summaries incorrect or absent This was caused by an error in the new nightly loaded KDW datamart in the Amazon Cloud. In response to this initial issue, the PI Dashboard was repointed to an alternate datamart that is loaded weekly. This solved the summaries issue. However, it uncovered another issue where transactions for the prior week had not been loaded. These transactions were reloaded by CIT early Tuesday bringing the transactions up to date as of Monday night. The balances and summaries were up to date as of Friday night.
    9 users were affected.