November 2017 Release

Many of the updates in this release are based on feedback from our PI Dash users. Thank you for your continued collaboration!

Links to the Guide site added to the Help menu. We've expanded the information in this Guide site to help you answer your own questions and use the PI Dashboard more efficiently. This release added links from the Help menu to the Guide site to make it easier to find answers.

Print from the PI Dashboard! You can now print any page of the PI Dashboard to get a nicely formatted and complete output. Use your browser's print command. 

More useful wording. We heard that the term "distribution" in reference to pay was accounting jargon and not that useful for regular people. We're now using "Percent of pay" to clarify the wording. 

See percent of pay for all people on all accounts. Fixed a bug that had prevented the display of the "percent of pay" on non-sponsored accounts. 

Transactions detail panel includes all relevant information. All of the information about a transaction is now included in the Detail panel. This means you can quickly copy and paste from the Details panel to share information about a transaction. 

June 2017 Release

As we work on the content and design for the upcoming Monthly Email Update, we spoke with faculty about the PI Dashboard. As a result of those discussions, we've refined the way the Spending Trend graph displays data. Those changes are part of the June 2017 release.

  • Added a month to the display to allow transactions that clear in the month the account closes to appear. 
  • Adjusted data display to eliminate "sawtooth" effect when accounts open and close over the life of a project. 
  • We also renamed this section from Burn Graph to Spending Trend to improve overall clarity.
spending trend graph update 1.png

Project Names are entirely visible on the Finances page. Prior to this release, project names were displayed based on a character count, which resulted in some names being cut off along the left edge of the display. The dashboard has been updated so that names are now displayed properly. 

A small, but useful change now correctly capitalizes RNA and DNA in project titles. See the Before and After below. 

Released 6/26/2017

April 2017 Release

April 2017 Release
  • Much more detail about people is available either on the new Personnel page or through the Finances pages for projects or accounts. 
  • See who is funded by a project on the Personnel page.
    • Sort by project to scan quickly for information.
    • Filter the page to focus on particular people, projects, or accounts. 
  • Answer other common questions about personnel.

October 2016 Release

October 2016 Release

Download ALL your transactions. The PI Dashboard limits you to looking at transactions from the last 90. We heard from many of you that this is a significant limitation. You can now download all your transactions since July 2011, when KFS was launched.  This includes transactions on closed projects and accounts. 

September 2016 Releases

September 2016 Releases
  • Added Information about Personnel Funded by Project: Personnel paid this month on a project are listed on the bottom of the project page. The details panel includes a photo of the person (from their CU ID) and lists all their current positions. Much more personnel functionality is planned for the next few releases.
  • Now support Bookmarking Pages or Emailing URLs to others: You can now copy and email the URL to someone who can act as you, and they will see what you are looking at. If they don't have permission to act as you, they get a nice error message describing how to request it.
  • Added Act-As Support for Central Financial Staff: People who can act-as hundreds of people can now change the netid in the URL.

August 2016 Release

August 2016 Release

This release added details for different account types and proposals.

  • Lots of details for Federally AppropriatedNon-sponsored, and Cost Share accounts
  • Pending Proposal information
  • More Transaction Details including who received the purchase
  • Contact information for investigators and admin contacts
  • And lots of smaller improvements...

June 2016 Release

June 2016 Release

This release improves the original functionality. We added columns, fixed labels, and added a few minor features.

  • Added Notes for every row
  • Account Numbers for "My Project Accounts" are now easy to see
  • Added Direct Balance and Period End Columns
  • Income transactions are now shown for non-research accounts
  • and more...

April 2016 Release

April 2016 Release

The following changes were made:

  • The Balances Bug is Fixed -- Non-sponsored Account Balances are now correct and we've restored the "Non-Sponsored Funds Section". The balances now match Web Financials.
  • The Data for the PI Dashboard is now being updated nightly. The values displayed will match their counterparts in the financial dashboards and RA Dashboards.
  • We've removed the cents columns on the homepage.