Feature Tour

The PI Dashboard (found at pidash.cornell.edu) was created by Cornell University's Office of the Vice Provost for Research (OVPR) and is being developed under the direction of a faculty advisory committee and with additional faculty input on content and ease of use.

PI Dashboard Overview

What's Included

  • Finances
    • Awards
      • Pending or active awards where you are PI (principal investigator) or account manager on any project account
      • Project documents for those projects
    • Account Summaries
      • All open accounts where you are PI or account manager
      • Any closed accounts for the projects where you are PI or account manager
  • Personnel
    • All labor detail for personnel on active projects or open accounts where you are the PI or AM
  • Transactions
    • All transactions in the last 90 days for all accounts where they are account manager
    • Labor detail for labor transactions
    • Purchase detail for most eShop purchases
  • Proposals
    • Pending proposal information including investigators and admin contacts, where you are the PI, co-PI, Fellow, or other key personnel. 
    • Proposal documents where you are the PI, co-PI, or Fellow. 

Easy to Get Answers

  1. Click any row to see the Details panel with additional information. 
  2. Sort columns.
  3. Filter content to see just what you need. 
  4. Search Personnel or Transactions, or download a .csv file of your transaction history. 
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Access to Projects and Accounts

  • No need to request access to the PI Dashboard. Log in with your NetID and password. If you have projects or accounts, they are ready for you to review.
  • PIs and Account Managers can see their own projects and accounts. Administrative support staff can see projects and accounts if they have the appropriate Act-As privileges. 
  • To Act-As another person, click the arrow next to your name and choose from the list.


If you have the right permissions, you can act as someone else and see the PI Dashboard exactly as they see it, including all transaction and labor data. Any changes to "My Accounts," project and account nicknames, or notes you make will be visible to the person you are acting as. This function is typically used by administrative staff to support their faculty.

  • The PI Dashboard uses the same Act-As Proxy settings as the Financial (OBIEE) Dashboards. Colleges and units have different guidelines for authorizing Act-As Proxy permissions.
  • More information, including how to request access is on the Act-As page


  • You must be the PI or Account Manager on an account to see the project or account. If you're listed on a project but don't have an account on the project or your account hasn't been created yet, you won't see it. 
    • Find the PI or Account Manager using the Account Attributes Report in the Financial Dashboards in OBIEE.
    • If you think there are issues, contact your financial staff. 
  • Projects must be active.
  • Non-research accounts must be open

See Your Projects in the Way that Makes Sense to You

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  1. Change the display name for projects or accounts. For example, add a prefix like NIH or USDA or the account number to project titles. Click the blue pencil icon to type a new name or to switch back to the original.
    Note: Once you make a name change, it is displayed everywhere in the PI Dashboard and is seen by everyone who has access to or Act-As privileges for that account.
    Tip: You can also rename Project Documents. This is very handy because the file names for the documents are often hard to understand. 
  2. Your default balances and graphs include all project accounts where you are the account manager. Change the Include Accounts list to focus on just one or two accounts or if you want to include project accounts managed by someone else. Click the blue pencil and make your selections. 
my project accounts.png