The PI Dashboard first release was December 3, 2015. Since then we have added new features, while maintaining a firm focus on ease of use. We would like to thank our faculty advisors for helping us to define and prioritize features!


What's New?

Many of our updates are based on feedback from our PI Dash users. Thank you for your continued collaboration!

Very few of the updates in this PI Dashboard release will be noticed by visitors. We did correct some capitalization issues and added an error message for an uncommon login issue.  

The other changes are behind-the-scenes updates intended to make the PI Dashboard continue to run smoothly for you.

Updated April 5, 2018

Roadmap for Future Releases

All non-essential work on the PI Dashboard has been postponed until the new Research Administrative Support System is delivered.

Features Estimated Release Date
Remediate PI Dashboard for RASS — Update the PI Dashboard to make use of data from the new Research Administration Support System (RASS). RASS Release
Financial Forcasts and What-If Analysis — Allow PIs and RAs to see "spendable balances" that include the impact of Purchase Order encumbrances in KFS and anticipated labor costs including those not yet recorded in a central system. Allow Research Administrators (RAs) and faculty to create scenarios with anticipated labor (staff, GRA, etc.) expenses and review them; Scenarios can be edited, discarded, or merged with the forecast; Forecasted balance will be added to existing financial reports and graphs.
Additional releases will address: Variance analysis; Forecasting working budgets; Long term student planning; Send forecasts to Kuali for use by accounting dashboards; Send labor distribution revisions to Workday to save on duplicate data entry.
Online Effort Certification — Allow PIs to complete Effort Certification online; Staff will be able to track status and complete pre-review using the PI Dashboard. TBD
Action List — Display tasks that should be addressed by the viewer, optionally email the task list. Sources of tasks will eventually include: Tasks required to implement a forecast scenario (e.g.: hiring, labor distribution changes, purchases, etc. included in scenario); Approval requests from central systems (e.g.: approve travel reimbursments in Cynergy); Tasks identified by a rules engine (e.g.: upcoming project end and renewal dates, progress reports, protocol renewals, questionable transactions that should be reviewed, etc.) TBD
Access Delegation — Allow PIs to delegate access for some or all of their data to others TBD
RA Dashboard Relpacement — Provide support for research administrators currently provided by the RA Dashboard; Support the full accounting access model; Recreate the RA Dashboard reports. TBD
Protocols, Proposals, and Award Negotiations — Show protocol summaries/personnel/status; pending proposal documents; and award negotiation status TBD
Inventions — Invention disclosure and marketing status TBD
Enhanced Pay Transaction Details — Adds names to each pay transaction; name search; salary distribution by month and year; and details retroactive adjustments TBD
Training status — Display training assignments and completion status for PI and research group members TBD
Facilities — Provide information for spaces assigned to PIs including some or all of the following: hazards, equipment, who has access, etc. TBD

Updated 10/3/2019

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If you want to know more about the PI Dashboard, you can dig into the presentations and stories from the Office of the Vice Provost for Research (OVPR) at Cornell about their PI Dashboard product.