June 2016 Release

This release was focused on improving the original functionality. We added columns, fixed labels, and added a few minor features — though some people may consider the new Notes feature more than minor.

  • Notes — You can now add notes to just about everything. We added a notes field in the details panel on the right side of the application. These notes are shared with people who can "act as” you. This means your research administrators will see these notes, but a collaborator on one of your projects will not see them. The notes are saved every 3 seconds.
  • Account Numbers for "My Project Accounts" are now easy to see — We now show the list of your accounts on a project in the details panel on the right side of the application, and when you drill into the project by clicking on the project number on the left side of the application…. How could we have missed this!
  • Change "My Project Accounts" More Easily — Sometimes you want to focus on one of your accounts, or maybe you want to exclude subcontract accounts from the summary graphs. Click on the pencil icon link next to the account list to change the accounts used to calculate the balances and burn graphs.
  • Added Direct Balance and Period End columns — We also gave these columns rollovers so you know they don't allow for commitments for future pay or purchases. One side effect of adding these columns is we had to remove the Sponsor and Budget columns.
  • Add Income Transactions — You can now see your F&A return income and other transfers in on non-research accounts. Unfortunately this is pretty ugly because there are a LOT of these transactions. We may do something to group these in the future.
  • Show Cost Share Balances — You can now see if you're meeting your cost share commitments.
  • Expense Transactions are now Negative — Now they work more like a bank statement. Having income be negative and expenses positive only makes sense to accountants!
  • Improved Labels — We're trying to make things more obvious. Let us know how we did!
  • Search on eDoc Number — Sometimes it's nice to see all the related transactions together. Now it's easier.

Scheduled for release about 6-13-2016.