September 2016 Releases

  • Added Information about Personnel Funded by Project: Personnel paid this month on a project are listed on the bottom of the project page. The details panel includes a photo of the person (from their CU ID) and lists all their current positions. Much more personnel functionality is planned for the next few releases.
  • Now Support Bookmarking Pages or Emailing URLs to others: You can now copy and email the URL to someone who can act as you, and they will see what you are looking at. If they don't have permission to act as you, they get a nice error message describing how to request it.
  • Added Act-As Support for Central Financial Staff: People who can act-as hundreds of people can now change the NetID in the URL.
  • Fixed Minor bugs and added design improvements. Too minor and numerous to mention!

September releases: 9/14/2016 and 9/29/2016