April 2017 Release

  • Much more detail about people is available either on the new Personnel page or through the Finances pages for projects or accounts. 
  • See who is funded by a project on the Personnel page.
    • Sort by project to scan quickly for information.
    • Filter the page to focus on particular people, projects, or accounts. 
  • Answer other common questions about personnel.
    • How a particular person is funded, for example their effort allocation across multiple projects. 
    • The amount a person was paid on a project to-date, since July 1, or in the prior month. 
  • Notes are only available on Transactions now. 
    • Earlier, we added a Notes feature to every row in the Dashboard. We looked at the data for the featured and discovered that Notes were not being used. We've removed the Notes everywhere except the Transactions rows. These notes are shared with people who can "act as” you. This means your research administrators will see these notes, but a collaborator on one of your projects will not see them. The notes are saved every 3 seconds.

Released 4/12/2017