November 2017 Release

Many of the updates in this release are based on feedback from our PI Dash users. Thank you for your continued collaboration!

Links to the Guide site added to the Help menu. We've expanded the information in this Guide site to help you answer your own questions and use the PI Dashboard more efficiently. This release added links from the Help menu to the Guide site to make it easier to find answers.

Print from the PI Dashboard! You can now print any page of the PI Dashboard to get a nicely formatted and complete output. Use your browser's print command. 

More useful wording. We heard that the term "distribution" in reference to pay was accounting jargon and not that useful for regular people. We're now using "Percent of pay" to clarify the wording. 

See percent of pay for all people on all accounts. Fixed a bug that had prevented the display of the "percent of pay" on non-sponsored accounts. 

Transactions detail panel includes all relevant information. All of the information about a transaction is now included in the Detail panel. This means you can quickly copy and paste from the Details panel to share information about a transaction.