February 2018 Release

As always, we want to thank our PI Dashboard user community for sending comments and suggestions. Many of the updates in this release come directly from your feedback. Thank you for your continued partnership!

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  • Log out to protect data. If you are using a public or shared computer, you can now log out of the PI Dash and then close your browser to protect private data. Click Logout and then remember to close your browser. (Closing the browser prevents anyone from re-opening the PI Dashboard.) 
  • Monthly update email now shows which accounts are included in Balances if you have changed the default list. By default, the PI Dashboard includes all open project accounts on which you are the account manager in the balances and charts. If you change the list of included accounts (either adding accounts you don't manage or removing some you do), the balances and charts including those sent in the monthly update email reflect that change. To help make the balances clear, the monthly update email now shows which accounts are included and which accounts you manage are excluded. We're interested to hear from you about this change. If you have feedback, please send it to pidash@cornell.edu.  For more information about the balances and your list of project accounts, see the Email page
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  • Monthly update email shows distributions for personnel you paid on all accounts you manage, even if you've changed the default list. (The default list is described in the previous point.) Although you can change the list of accounts the PI Dash uses to calculate balances and display charts, the monthly update email sends you all of the personnel you've paid from all accounts you manage even if you've opted to exclude one of those accounts from the balances. This lets you track your personnel carefully and completely. 
  • OSP number or federally-appropriated account number added to the Personnel section of the monthly update email. If you have questions about an entry in the Personnel section, having the this number available may help the people who support you.  
  • Give your project documents a meaningful name. All of the documents associated with your project such as the final award agreement are available in the Documents tab of the Project Details panel. (These are the documents you'd find in the Sponsored Projects portal.) You can give these documents a meaningful name using the PI Dash's nickname feature. Just click a project row to see the Details panel. Click the Documents tab, and then click the blue pencil to change the name. If you want to revert back to the original name, just erase what you've typed. 
doc nickname.png
search nonspons.png
  • Search added to the list of non-research accounts to allow users who have many accounts to easily find the one they want. 
  • Color contrast for fonts in the monthly email update changed to improve readability and to meet accessibility standards. 
  • Many updates to improve the experience, including retaining the sort order of columns as you move from page to page, updating the Details panels to include all fields in the main page, and fixing several bugs.